Get Easy Steps to fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Are you missing out any email that you expected to receive? Quick fix can be good idea to exclude the error that combats the emails to your email account. But, before you look for the solution you must know the causes of the Outlook Not Receiving Emails?

Causes of Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Get Easy Steps to fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Fix Microsoft Outlook not Receiving Emails

Outlook being very strict in security purpose may consider email spam and has sent to junk mail folder. So, remember that if the mail has been sent many times from the sender and you failed to receive then it has been thrown to Junk Mail Folder. So, you must recheck whether the email is loaded with the content that violates the Outlook terms and conditions.

If your system is integrated with some anti-virus along with Microsoft Outlook then there is a chance that it would create barrier for the incoming emails. If you want to know that is it really the cause for Outlook not receiving emails then, disable the anti-virus scanner for some time and ask the sender to send the email again. If you receive the mail then your anti-spam tool is the culprit.

  1. Emails receiving on Other Computers

Check whether your same emails account in opened on laptop, mobile, tablet, etc and you are able to receive the mail on those devices then definitely problem is related to your profile on which you are working. In this situation, create a new profile.

Ensure whether or not you have blocked the sender before. If this is the case, you need to remove him/her from the Block list to receive emails.

If the sent file size is bulky or the timeout is very less, then the mail gets stuck in Outbox and fails to reach the desired address. Alternate reason can be SMTP authentication.

Sometimes, people in hurry make some silly mistake say the sender mentions wrong recipient address. This creates a bounce back and the sender receives notification of NDR. This message actually contains the information that makes the sender alarmed about the wrong input of address he had mentioned.

If email needs authentication and your settings are incorrect, you will be restricted in receiving emails.

Apply the above-given troubleshooting steps and put in working order. However, if you lack to get result then don’t panic. Get in touch with our customer service and receive overwhelming response from them. Service will be accessible all round the clock,24*7 and fix Outlook not Receiving Emails